Time Of BALO On Railway

Time Of BALO On Railway
09 September 2013

Railway transporting the goods of Anatolian industrialists to Europe started. 8th of September the first train of the Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations Inc. (BALO) was sent to Germany.  It was expected to arrive for 4 days.

Chairman of Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bülent Koşmaz said ‘ The goal of BALO Project was to transport the shipments belonging to industrialists and exporters’ of Western Anatolia to inner parts of Europe by railway. Thus, it would provide a competitive advantage in European markets in terms of our export rate. I would like to thank to Mr Binali Yıldırım; Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and to esteemed Hisarciklioglu; the president of TOBB.  Besides I would like to thank to TOBB members of the board of directors, and to presidents of chambers of commerce, commodity exchanges and organized industrial zones and to mastermind, who contributed to the project until today’’.

During the BALO,  the  President of the Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “In actually, it was impossible that a train would arrive from Manisa to Germany for 5 days. This is a historical record for Turkey. I would like to congratulate the Board, especially BALO Board President Bülent Koşmaz’’.

- How does the train transportation system work?
Goods will be collected and moved to Bandırma via freight trains. From there, the goods will be shipped to Tekirdağ via container ship. After that freight trains will carry the goods to Germany. Goods are transported to Munich and Köln twice a week. In addition, at the beginning of 2014, It is planned that there will be 5 trains between Manisa and Germany.

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